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Soumen Mondal
Government General Degree College at Salboni

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IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
100172 Admission Notice 25_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 15th phase) 21-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
100171 Admission Notice 24_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 14th phase) 20-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
100170 Admission Notice 23_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 13th phase) 19-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
100169 Admission Notice 22_2022-2023 (Published 2nd Phase Merit list) 18-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90204 Orientation Program for 1st Semester students (Session 2022-2023) 14-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90203 Admission Notice 21_2022-2023 (For Physical Verification) 14-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90202 Admission Notice 20_2022-2023 (Reopened admission portal for receiving fresh applications) 09-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90201 Admission Notice 19_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 12th phase) 09-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90198 Admission Notice 18_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 11th phase) 08-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90197 Admission Notice 17_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 10th phase) 07-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90195 Admission Notice 16_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 9th phase) 06-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90194 Admission Notice 15_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 8th phase) 04-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90193 Admission Notice 14_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 7th phase) 02-09-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90192 Admission Notice 13_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 6th phase) 31-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90189 Admission Notice 12_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 5th phase) 28-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90188 Admission Notice 11_2022-2023 (Revised intake capacity) 26-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90187 Admission Notice 10_2022-2023 (Reopen admission portal to take admission) 25-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90185 Admission Notice 09_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 4th phase) 25-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90180 Admission Notice 08_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 3rd phase) 22-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90179 Admission Notice 07_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 2nd phase) 19-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90174 Admission Notice 06_2022-2023 (Tentative schedule for publication of subsequent merit lists) 16-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
90173 Admission Notice 05_2022-2023 (Process to take online admission for 1st phase) 16-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80177 Admission Notice 04_2022-2023 (Fees required for admission in different courses) 08-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80176 Admission Notice 03_2022-2023 (Published Provisional Merit list) 08-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80175 Admission Notice 02_2022-2023 regarding provisional merit list 08-08-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80166 Admission Notification For Under Graduate Courses (Academic Session 2022-23) 15-07-202231-12-2022Admission Notice
80156 General Information and Guidelines for Online Admission 2022-2023 (Revised) 07-07-202231-12-2022Admission Notice

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Soumen Mondal

M.Lib.Sc, M.Phil
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