Carrier Councelling

Career Counselling is a procedure that focuses on helping tudent understand students’s own self, as well as work trends, so that student can take an informed decision about career and education. Career Counselling helps manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement between parents and children on which career to choose. Here are a few ways in which career counselling helps us:
1. Helps pick the right career.
2. Helps provide expert resources.
3. Helps gain confidence and insight.
4. Helps change unwanted behavior patterns.
5. Helps remove career-related frustration.
6. Provides a role-model.
7. Helps bring stability in thought.


Chairperson: Dr. Shantanu Dhar (Officer-In-Charge)
Convenor: Anik Samanta
Jt. Convenor: Mayukh Das
Members: Sanjit Mandal, Somrita Dey Mondal, Dr. Sk. Anirban.